Monday, October 7, 2013

Digital - Searching Hekate

Digital - This image was done with SketchBook Pro on the Samsung Note 10.1. The image is representing Hekate in her role as searching for Demeter's lost daughter Kore/Persephone.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Digital - My Castle On A Cloud

Digital - This image was done with SketchBook Pro on the Samsung Note 10.1 It is the first image I have completed using these new tools. And as you can see for a rather quick drawing the tools are pretty awesome.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Digital - Central Region ADF Logo

Digital - This design was created for the Central Region, ADF. I started out with some sketches on my Note 2 then did a detailed hand drawing which was then redrawn in Illustrator. 

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Pyrography - Offering Bowl

Pyrography on bamboo - this is a bamboo bowl I did some work on. This bowl is used for holding grain cakes for ritual offerings. The scene around the bowl is to depict the Three realms and the Hallows. the symbol in the middle is a design I created for the Hallows.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Drawing - Companion

Drawing pencil on paper - Another image I did for my mother.

Drawing - Native Dance

Drawing pencil on paper - This was one of the drawings I did for my mom. She loves Native American images.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Drawing - Pan

Drawing pencil on paper - Just a drawing I did to honor Pan. The symbol he is holding is a design we did in class using the initials of my name.

Drawing - Laying Pan

Drawing pencil on paper - This was one of several drawings done as a study for creating a sculpture. Sadly the sculpture has not stood the test of time like I had hoped.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Drawing - Lady of Torches

Drawing ink and pencil on Bristel Board - I love drawing Greek gods. This is Hekate, Lady of Torches.

Drawing - Deaths Song

Drawing pencil on paper - This was inspired by a dream I had of a friend while in school. I dreamed she passed away. She was a ghostly image in the wind while death played such a sweet longing song that was the music of her soul. A few months later she passed away.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Drawing - Death

Drawing: Pencil on paper - this was a drawing from WAY back. I always saw death as a flowing of life, just another part of the cycle. This was my way of expressing that.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Oil - Windows to the Soul

Oil on canvas - This is painting was inspired but the cliche "Eyes are the windows to the soul." I wanted to depict the image of a person who's body looked nature while the soul was withering and dying.

Oil - Spirit of the Forest

Oil on mason board - This was my first painting on mason board. I rather like the smooth firm surface you get with using it. This image was to depict how I see the spirit of the forest.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Digital - Demeter Druid

Digital - Again this is a variation on the Druid sigil. This is much more specific within the Hellenic culture as it is geared towards those who are dedicated to Demeter and her teachings. I am works to get this design on pendants as well for those that belong to DEO (Demeter and Eleusinian Order, ADF).

Digital - Hellenic Druid

Digital - This is a Druid sigil that I designed for those who follow the Hellenic hearth culture. The design is to help create a more cultural specific symbol that shows the Druid back ground as well as the individual hearth culture followed by the individual. I am working to put this design on pendants.

Pyrography - Hekate

Pyrography on wood - This image is of Hekate, the goddess of cross roads and magic. I honor Hekate on a regular basis so this image is great for an altar piece.

Pyrography - Demeter

Pyrography on wood - This is an image of Demeter which was inspired by a gourd vase a friend of mine did for me. As Devotee of Demeter this image is very meaningful to me. 

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Oil - Axis Mundi

Oil on mason board - This is a painting I did on mason board. I wanted to depict the World Tree, also known as the Axis Mundi which is the central focus of most Druid traditions.

Pyrography - ADF Tree Logo

Wood - This is the second image from my traveling ritual box. On the inside lid I have burned the image of the ADF logo. This has been done to stand for the World Tree.

Digital - Siren

Digital - The Siren was an image that is a combination of 3D models and digital painting.

Digital - Wizard

Digital - This was a digital recreation of a painting I did years ago. The original was done in oil on canvas.

Drawing - Persephone

Drawing - Persephone: This is a depiction of the daughter of Demeter as the Queen of the Underworld. She is seated on the throne which was given to her by her husband Hades. Around her are the souls of the Blessed Dead.

Drawing - Creation

Drawing - This is my depiction of the creation of the universe from the Hellenic point of view. In this image Eros is hatching from the egg which Nyx laid. From the egg flows the river god Ouranos and the stars of the heavens. 

Pyrography - Hellenic Design

Wood - this is the beginning design for my traveling altar box. This is the top side of the box.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Drawing - Chest

Drawing - Comic 5

Drawing - Comic 4

Drawing - Comic 3

Drawing - Comic 2

Drawing - Comic 1

Drawing - Demeter

Drawing - Masters Project

Drawing - Charlie

Drawing - Mike

Drawing - Mike

Drawing - Martial Artist

Drawing - Howdy

Drawing - Kisses

Drawing - Couple

Drawing - Hold Me

Digital - Alone

Digital - Cowboy

Digital - Myke

Digital - Brit

Digital - Hoss

Digital - Mine